How to Deal with vacant Properties

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How to Deal with vacant Properties

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Vacant homes are often times magnets for vandalism, attracting higher crime rates, trespassers, and plenty of unwanted attention that can bring down the neighborhood’s property values. If that isn’t enough of a pain already, you also have to deal with maintaining the house during winter months. If you live in an area that is severely affected by winter weather you will find yourself shelling out way too much cash for utilities or repairs  to keep the house in good condition, or you will turn off utilities, make no repairs,  and cross your fingers that nothing goes wrong.

You will also need to to be regularly checking for problems like water damage or mold, which can become expensive issues if they go ignored for too long.

Another issue that can come with owning a vacant property is your homeowner’s policy which usually requires the home to be occupied.To make matters more stressful, if you don’t change your homeowner’s policy in a timely manner  you may lose your insurance coverage if your property is damaged after being vacant for over 30 days.

So whats the best solution?

If you want to keep your property free from the issues that come with a vacant home you should be doing everything you can to keep the property free of crime. Let your local police department know you have a vacant property so they can keep tabs on anything suspicious. Install a security alarm and make sure all locks on window and doors working properly.  

Also make sure you keep the property maintained to the best of your abilities. Mow the lawn and handle all landscaping needs to make the house appear occupied. The best thing you can do if you have a vacant property is regularly visit and do your best to keep maintenance up. Check smoke detectors, A/C systems, and electrical systems routinely to ensure any preventable problems are stopped.

What if you’re tired of dealing with the problems that come with a vacant property all together?

If you don’t want to spend more of your time and money trying to maintain the home, we can help you!  

Call Vector Home Buyers and let us deal with the issues that come tied to vacant properties. We’ll make you a fair cash offer for your property no matter the condition, location,  or repairs needed.