How to Deal with bad Tenants

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How to Deal with bad tenants

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how to protect yourself from bad tenants

Right off the bat, make sure you screen your tenants. You may be in a hurry to fill your vacant lease but don’t rush past an important and necessary background check. Check your future tenants credit score, verify their income,  and most importantly, call their previous landlords and references. This is the best way to know what the future will hold for you and your new tenant.

Another step to prevent your tenants from damaging your property and peace of mind is to create a written agreement (contract) along with your lease. Make a list of any personal rules about your property and make sure to have your renters sign it. Never be a “handshake agreement” type of landlord, this will only backfire on you. Be sure to get everything in writing.

What to do if A Tenant Is Violating The Lease, Or Participating In Criminal Activity?

Be sure you review your lease to see if they are directly violating any clauses in it. If so, you immediately have the legal upper-hand. You don’t need to get aggressive or confrontational. Think about the best way to handle this situation and approach it calmly; losing your cool will only make things worse. Talk with your tenant in a calm but firm manner about what they are doing and how you expect the problem resolved. Let them know you will  take legal action and evict them if the behavior is not corrected.

The best thing you can do after letting your tenants know they are violating your rules is follow up. If your tenant isn’t paying your rent on time or is breaking some rule in your lease agreement, follow up immediately and continuously until they do. Ring their doorbell day after day until you have your rent or your issue resolved. Make sure your tenants know they are expected to follow your rules. If you don’t have the physical ability to follow up, do it through email or phone and keep record of your correspondences.

What If You Just Want To Get Rid Of Your Bad Tenant Problem?

Are you ready to completely stop dealing with this tenant problem? You have a couple of  options to consider if you don’t want to deal with your tenant problem anymore. Some landlords will actually offer their tenants money to leave, this seems counter-productive for someone trying to make money off their leased property but this can be a viable solution if you need your tenants gone. You can also evict your tenant if you are no longer willing to deal with their behavior. If you’re taking this route you will want to hire a lawyer and act fast, this process can often be long and expensive.

If you are finished dealing with the headaches that come with being a landlord and bad tenants all together, you can always sell your property.  Let  us take your problem off your hands. Even if your tenants have left your property in desperate need of repairs, we will buy it as-is and give you cash. You can stop wasting your time and energy working with with tenants that disrespect and damage your investment.  

Call Vector Home Buyers today, and we’ll make you a quick fair offer for your property, so you can say goodbye to your nightmare tenants.